Apple iPhone 5c 8GB Green deals

Apple’s green iPhone 5C 16GB was one of the most popular colour options. Now it’s here in 8GB and at a whole new affordable price point. Best of all, it’s still got the same sharp four-inch screen, comes with oodles of processing power and runs the latest iOS 7 version of Apple’s software.

Pick up the iPhone 5C and the first thing you notice is its fantastically lightweight polycarbonate body. But that’s not to say that it’s flimsy. A steel-reinforced frame ensures this is a phone that can take a knocking and keep on rocking.

What’s more, inside that featherweight frame is everything made the Apple iPhone 5 great, only with a bit more power. The on board lightning fast A6 chip means this handset is peerless when it comes and multi-tasking and serves up super wizzy 3D graphics for an amazing mobile gaming experience. Zooming through all the menus and running the latest apps is effortless too.

You can expect a huge ten hours talktime with the 5C’s battery, the most of any iPhone. Hats off to the A6 for this, with its staggering energy efficiency allowing more web surfing and streaming video and downloads on a single charge.

As with all the best modern smartphones, it has 4G support. That means you can look forward to faster streaming, speedier music downloads, quicker updates to new apps and even live movie watching – all at speeds up to six times that of 3G.

Like taking pictures? Want good quality snaps too? The iPhone 5C has got you covered, thanks to the eight-megapixel iSight camera. With more filters than you can shake a stick at, a beyond-16:9 panorama mode and a five-element lens set-up, great quality images come as standard.

The camera features don’t stop there. The 5C also features video image stabilisation tech, offering great recording in the rockiest of conditions. This is with full HD 1080p video, with a 3x zoom feature. Who needs a camcorder?

Apple’s revamped iOS 7 is at the heart of the 5C. The handy Control Centre is amazingly handy for accessing key functions of the handset with just a simple swipe. And it brings improved media sharing too with AirDrop, along with slicker multitasking and a great browser, in the form of Safari.

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