Apple iPhone 6 16GB Silver deals

The iPhone 6 is what happens when bigger meets better. The large 4.7-inch screen combines with a more powerful processor and an enhanced camera for a handset that’s everything you were waiting for. And a bit more besides.

Because this is an Apple smartphone, though, bigger doesn’t mean bulkier. Even though the iPhone 6 finds room for a larger Retina HD screen and is brimming with new, cutting-edge features, it comes in at just 6.9mm. That makes it the slimmest iPhone so far.

Unlike some other manufacturers’ phones, Apple has taken care to ensure you can use it with one hand too. How? By changing the layout of the buttons and by introducing a brilliant one-handed mode that means you can always reach the features at the upper edge of your display.

But it’s when it comes to video on the move that this display really comes into its own. Because it packs in an amazing 401 pixels per inch, it serves up pin-sharp picture quality to really bring clips to life, whether they’re YouTube videos or Hollywood blockbusters.

The rethought iSight eight-megapixel camera might be even more impressive, though. Unlike earlier iPhones, it now lets you record 1080 HD footage at 30 frames per second (fps). And you can capture 240-fps slow-motion video and knock up arty time-lapse clips.

Photography enthusiasts and amateur snappers will love that as well as a 1.5-micron pixels and ƒ/2.2 aperture, Apple has fitted a new sensor that takes just milliseconds to focus, alongside amazing exposure controls and slicker face detection technology. That means great pictures are almost guaranteed.

It’s one for speed demons too. Because the iPhone 6 is compatible with the fastest 4G technology, you could be surfing the web at speeds of up to 150Mbps (depending on your carrier). It’s faster on wireless too, thanks to support for the w 802.11ac wireless standard. The result? 3x faster wireless speeds than the iPhone 5S.

To keep everything running smoothly, the already sinewy A8 processor is paired with Apple’s M8 motion co-processor. Working together they ensure mimimum slowdown when you’re multi-tasking. And you can expect longer batter life, thanks to the processors’ excellent energy efficiency.

Other outstanding features of the iPhone 6 are 16GB of onboard storage, shatter proof glass, a handy anti-smudge oleophobic coating, iOS 8, 16GB of internal storage, NFC support for paying for goods with your handset and advanced health-monitoring capabilities when paired with wearable accessories

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